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Ford Has A Creative Solution To Stop Car Thefts

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Ford has come up with a rather unique way of deterring car thieves, which involves projecting a holographic image onto the window when the car is approached.

Believe it or not

The system essentially aims to trick potential thieves into believing that there is someone in the car, thereby encouraging them to rethink their grand theft auto.

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More than meets the eye

If you're unsure that your face will dissuade a thief, the system also includes an audio component that can project a prerecorded message.

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Registered users

Ford has dreams of incorporating facial recognition software into the system that would allow it to identify approved users/passengers who would not set off the alarm.

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Smart systems

The computer would conceivably be able to assess an approaching individual and assign them a risk factor, only setting off the alarm when certain conditions are met.

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Safer interactions

Part of the system includes an internal and external microphone, which could allow apprehensive parties to engage with outsiders or police officers without putting themselves at risk.

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