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Ford Transit Van Gets A Much-Needed Camera Feature

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Cargo vans suffer from poor lines of visibility, and Ford is finally addressing this in the Transit by adding a digital rearview mirror. It should have done so sooner.

Blue-collar problems

Christian Kreipke, Ford assistant brand manager for vans, says, "Cargo van drivers often contend with an obstructed view of the area behind their vehicle."

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Well-known tech

The system itself is similar to that offered by other automakers, with a camera mounted on the back of the vehicle linked to a high-definition screen in the form of a mirror.

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Many benefits

Aside from providing twice as much visible area as a normal mirror, the digital one has recording capability and a switch that turns it into a regular mirror for in-cabin use.

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Improved safety

Naturally, the biggest gain is in safety, not just for the driver, but for nearby pedestrians and cyclists, too. It is definitely something more automakers should include as standard.

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Increased Accessibility Necessary?

"The Digital Rearview Mirror is an invaluable tool for delivery drivers, especially for those making multiple deliveries every day," concludes Kreipke.

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