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Mercedes-Benz Approved For SAE Level 3 Autonomous Driving

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The German auto giant makes a splash at the world's largest tech show with major technology upgrades.

Shaking Up The Auto Industry At CES

The German auto giant is introducing major technology upgrades at CES 2023 that are sure to shake up the industry. From its ambitious charging network to its world-first Level three autonomous driving systems, Mercedes-Benz appears set on leading the charge into the future.

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New Hubs And High-Powered Chargers by 2027

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled plans for its own charging network. With the help of MN8 Energy and ChargePoint, the company plans to build out over 400 hubs with 2,500 high-powered chargers by 2027. This will be available to all electric vehicles and offer amenities like food outlets and restrooms at nearby locations.

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Autonomous Driving Coming To The US

Mercedes-Benz is bringing SAE Level Three conditionally autonomous driving to the US, specifically California and Nevada. This will allow drivers on certain roads and in specified conditions to take their hands off the wheel and relax. While still having to pay attention, this is a monumental step forward in technology.

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Other Self-Driving Features

Together with the approval of semi-autonomous technology, the German brand will also bring automatic lane change to its collection of Mercedes vehicles in North America. This Level Two system gives drivers the ability to overtake slower vehicles with cruise control with the necessary steering inputs.

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Vision EQXX Takes To The Stage

The revolutionary Vision EQXX took the stage at the tech expo. This concept is the most efficient Mercedes model ever produced. It has already covered over 745 miles on a single charge and achieved a remarkable 406.1 MPGe during its trip from Stuttgart, Germany to Silverstone, UK.

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Next-Level Audio Experience

Mercedes reveals that it has partnered with Apple Music and UMG to offer a unique listening experience for consumers. Mercedes products equipped with the Burmester 4D and 3D sound systems will have Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos, especially mixed songs with an exclusive 'Approved in a Mercedes-Benz' label.

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