Mercedes-Benz Reveals New Superscreen For Next-Gen E-Class

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The new Mercedes E-Class will boast a Superscreen that comes equipped with a selfie camera, TikTok and Zoom integration, and passenger-side video viewing.

Optional opulence

The Superscreen will be an optional upgrade for the upcoming 2024 Mercedes E-Class, requiring the Entertainment Package to unlock its full potential.

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The basics

This upgrade will get you a digital instrument cluster and a large digital dashboard similar to the one we've seen in the EQS. However, the features are all quite new and unexpected.

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Meetings on the move

Drivers can attend Zoom meetings using the car's selfie and video camera, but to ensure safety, only audio is available while the car is on the move. But that's just the beginning.

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Premium passenger experience

A secondary screen in the dash only activates when there is a passenger, allowing them to browse the web, watch TikTok, or stream movies. The main screen can do this when stationary.

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Helping you stay focused

The system includes intelligent image filtering and eye cameras to control image brightness to ensure the driver doesn't feel tempted to look at what their passenger is watching.

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Advanced user profiles

The onboard AI system can be programmed with several templates that activate depending on various factors, like automatically activating heating systems when the temperature drops.

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Routinely intelligent

The AI will also learn from your driving habits and routines, like winding down your windows when you approach your security gate at work or plotting smarter travel routes.

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