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Mercedes-Benz Wants Level 4 Autonomous Driving This Decade

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Mercedes isn't willing to rest on its laurels after being the first automaker with an approved Level 3 system, as it now aims to reach another milestone with Level 4 by the end of the decade.

What is Level 4?

Level 4 refers to a self-driving system capable of operating without any human input or supervision under certain conditions, such as in cities and on highways.

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A successful precedent

Dubbed Drive Pilot, Mercedes's Level 3 system on the S-Class and EQS has already been approved for use in Nevada, and states like California are expected to follow suit soon.

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Level 3 Limitations

Using LiDAR, radar, and sensors, Drive Pilot can travel at up to 40 mph on the highway without input, however, the driver still needs to pay attention for unexpected obstacles.

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True value of Level 4

Mercedes isn't racing toward this goal for bragging rights. Luxury automakers will be able to make big bucks from owners willing to pay for this unparalleled convenience.

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Loftier goals ahead

While Level 5 is still quite some ways away, Mercedes's successful implementation of Level 3 puts it in a prime position to pursue Level 4 and beyond with confidence.

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