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New Electric Porsche Boxster Sounds Like A Video Game

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Electric vehicles are essentially silent, so automakers put in sounds, especially at lower speeds, to warn pedestrians. The new Boxster's sound is definitely unique.

Spied in the snow

Porsche's new electric Boxster was recently spied undergoing winter testing in the snows of Scandinavia. Though camouflaged, it is definitely taking shape as a great sports car.

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What's that sound?

However, the most notable thing about the Boxster is not the looks, but rather how it sounds. Porsche chose a very futuristic audio cue that puts one in mind of a UFO.

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On terra firma

Despite this interesting choice, the Boxster's aesthetic remains true to tradition, though there is a little Taycan in there, we are sure.

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Under the hood

Both the Boxster and upcoming Cayman EV are said to use a unique battery layout known as e-core. This will ensure the proper weight distribution of a mid-engine car.

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And the ETA?

The next generation of the Boxster is expected to arrive in 2025, but Porsche also has plans to debut a bespoke charging network with first-class facilities at the same time.

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