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Rivian Working On A Brand New Project

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Insider Sources Confirm The Electric Vehicle Manufacturer Is Working On A New Two-Wheeled Project

Rivian Already Working On An Electric Bike

Sources confirm that the Rivian CEO announced a team is working on a new electric bike project, although it's unclear what kind of bike CEO RJ Scaringe was referring to.

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Rivian's Adventure Bike Potential

Rivian's products lean into the notion of outdoor adventuring and an active lifestyle, so an electric bike makes a lot of sense. But why would Rivian shift focus right now?

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Is an Electric Bike Really the Smart Move for Rivian?

Despite being a major player in the EV world, Rivian announced layoffs after missing its 2022 production target. Is Rivian chasing additional revenue streams with this venture?

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E-Bike Or Electric Motorcycle?

It's unclear whether the new project will entail the production of a battery-assisted bicycle (e-bike) or a fully-electric motorcycle. Scaringe has previously hinted at the former.

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A Smart Accessory To Rivian Products

It's also possible that Rivian's electric bike project will add to the current accessory list available to complement the image and lifestyle offered by the R1S and R1T.

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How Big of a Risk Is Rivian Taking?

Rivian isn't alone in dabbling in the micromobility space. Porshe, BMW, and Tesla have looked into it, and Rivian's expertise should make it easy to scale down tech to a bike.

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Weighing Options: Should Rivian Stick to Core Products?

Should Rivian risk diversification or focus on existing products? Considering the challenges Rivian has faced recently, it may be safer to go all in on core products for now.

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