Volkswagen's Gesture-Controlled Interior Door Handles Sound Awesome

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Designer convenience or wishful thinking?

Introducing Volkswagen's Gesture-Controlled Interior Door Handles

VW has exclusively developed a new patent for gesture-controlled interior door handles that replace traditional handles with a flush-fitted panel.

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The Benefits of Streamlined Door Design

These handles seek to improve aesthetics and reduce the number of components used in a door. A touch-sensitive door lock interface is also proposed.

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Safe With Motion

VW's patent ensures the door handle does not present itself when not needed such as when the car is in motion. It mentions a proximity sensor to detect outstretched fingers.

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Potential Issues with Gesture-Controlled Handles

There are some potential issues not discussed in the patent, such as in the event of a crash, it may be impossible to open the door or even unlock it without an override.

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Hyundai's Exterior Door Handle Solution

Interestingly, Hyundai is also working on gesture-controlled door handles, but for the exterior of the car.

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Improvement in Convenience or Unnecessary Complexity?

Are these gestures necessary? Will they offer greater convenience, or do they add a level of electronic complexity that we can do without?

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