5 Crazy Car Colors That Are Too Wild For Normal People


Ask your girlfriend about these colors and you'll see what we mean.

The majority of car colors you'll find in 'favorite color' lists tend not be what most people would choose for their actual car. Sure, some people dream about having a bright green Lamborghini, but most settle for a silver Toyota Camry. As a test, try showing this list to a friend, parent, or significant other who isn't a huge fan of cars. These top five vibrant colors are amazing, but we think that the average car buyer would never opt for one of these colors on their rides.

With the large boom of car-based YouTube channels, supercar owners are looking for clever ways to help their car stand out on the internet, and nothing makes a statement more than a chrome-wrapped car. OK, so technically this isn't a paint job, but it's still a color, and a wild one at that! Chrome on cars was huge back in the 1950s, but seeing an entire car wrapped in chrome is a bit too much. Especially when the sun hits it in the right spot and blinds the driver. Clearly then, this look is reserved for a certain type of person and not your average Toyota Corolla driver.

We have grouped Phoenix Yellow and Austin Yellow together because they look pretty similar. These yellows were signature colors for the E46 M3 and the F82 M4. We personally love Austin Yellow, and even put it on our list of favorite colors for 2016. However, try showing these colors to someone who doesn't like cars, and you can begin to see where these yellows fall short. A common reaction is that they think it looks like the inside of a baby's diaper. Average road users would walk right past Austin or Phoenix Yellow and go for a color like white.


Molten Pearl from Lexus made our list of cool colors that can be ordered today, but we don't know how popular it actually is. As a longtime Lexus customer, when I showed my mom pictures of the GS-F and RC-F in this eye-catching shade of orange, she looked at me like I had two heads. To her, Lexus cars are all about subtlety. When we shopped for her newest car, she pondered getting a red IS 250, but wound up with a black ES 350. The people who are old enough to afford an RC-F or GS-F are probably way too conservative to order Molten Pearl. If you're young and can afford a nice car, you will probably be looking at something more youthful like a Corvette or Shelby Mustang.


Car enthusiasts know that Plum Crazy Purple is a legendary color that adorned many Mopar products back in the 1970s. However, if you didn't know any better, you might just think that the driver of a Plum Crazy Dodge is just doing it for attention. Non-car people also think it's a girly color, when in reality this is a badass color for a badass, 707-horsepower, muscle car.

Acid Green from Porsche is a very polarizing color. It started off as an accent color for Porsche hybrids, until one owner ordered their entire car in it. Neon yellow is actually a popular color in 2016. People are comfortable wearing neon green running shoes and workout shirts, but having the color on a car is a bit much for most. Before you leave a comment, go out and share this list with your non-car loving friends and let us know which color they think is the most outrageous.

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