Ferrari F12 Comes with $3,533 Carbon Fiber Cupholder

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Be careful when ticking a supercar's option list. They can really add up.

Interested parties will have to stump up $315,888 for the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. That is, of course, assuming they don't want any of the numerous options Maranello offers with its latest V12-powered Prancing Horse. This order form, courtesy of one Carbon McCoy, shows that ticking a few boxes can really add up. The star of the option list is a carbon-fiber cup holder (squint and you can see it nestled in the center console) that comes in at $3,533.

Scroll down and you'll see that's the same price of the parking camera. Mental. Combined with some other bits and bobs plus $13,753 of unspecified "other options," this buyer will end up spending $380,668 on his F12. That's almost $65k - more than the price of a Porsche Boxster S - worth of options. Oh to be trapped in the trappings of wealth. If you're investing $400k in a brand new F12, another $4k for a cup holder is likely a drop in the bucket. Still if we apply the same logic for the cost of a cup holder in a new car purchase where the average price in the US is about $30k, that would make the cup holder around $300. A carbon fiber cup holder would be expensive at any level. That better be one hell of a nice cup.

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