Giant Wind Turbine Crushes Truck On German Autobahn


The driver is lucky to be alive after a wind turbine blade sliced through the truck cabin.

A dramatic accident happened on the German autobahn this week – and no, it didn't involve a speeding sports car. As part of Germany's ongoing investment into renewable energy, a truck was transporting a giant wind turbine on the autobahn when it was involved in a rear-end crash, causing the turbine to collapse and collide into another truck, crushing the cabin and blocking the entire width of the highway, causing delays for several hours in both directions. According to the Telegraph, the 61-year-old driver of the truck that the blade hit was injured.

Looking at the horrifying photos of the accident, it's remarkable that anyone survived as the blade sliced directly into cabin of the semi-truck barely missing the driver. "Half the lorry was crushed," a police officer on the scene told the local Rheinische Post newspaper. Reports indicate that both the transport truck and an escort car were hit from behind by the other truck - this driver learned the hard way that following a truck carrying a dangerous load too close is never wise. Incredibly, the 61-year-old driver escaped the trashed truck with only minor injuries, but the accident caused major disruptions as authorities cleared up the mess.

Germany is the third largest producer of wind power behind China and the United States, so trucks frequently transport wind turbines on the highway. Might be best to drive a few meters further back if you end up driving behind one, just to be safe.

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