Is Bugatti Serious About Reviving The Insane Galibier Super Sedan?

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Of all the vehicles that Bugatti's come oh-so-close to making, few have generated as much of a following as the 16C Galibier hyper sedan. Perhaps a lot of that fandom arises from the fact that it came incredibly close to being put into production. Unfortunately the project was cancelled a couple of years after the concept car's original 2009 unveiling. However, according to Autocar, the Galibier may very well be ready to take a second swing at production.

This isn't strictly the first time we've heard of the Galibier being revived. But the fact this news comes straight from the mouth of Bugatti's president, Wolfgang Durheimer, does make it increasingly likely that Bugatti will indeed make its first four-door road car since the Guillore-bodied Type 101 sedans from the 1950s sooner rather than later. Considering the Galibier was the pet project of Durheimer when he was originally at the helm of the VW-revived Bugatti brand (it's worth noting that the project was scrapped when Wolfgang Schreiber took over from Durheimer in 2013) makes the likelihood of the Galibier turning up in Bugatti showrooms, such as the UK's world-famous Bugatti dealership in Mayfair, London, more probable.

Of additional note are the Autocar-alleged identities of three additional projects that Bugatti is currently considering alongside the Galibier sedan. At the more obvious end of the scale is the opulent SUV that's being targeted at whatever Rolls-Royce is bringing to the table in the near future, with a junior Chiron again falling somewhere in the "that doesn't really surprise us" category. The big surprise, though, came from the claims that Bugatti's first ever all-electric car is being pitched as a gargantuan successor to the equally vast Type 41 Royale. Maybe that should be the in-the-works model that we beg Bugatti to make instead?

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