Jaguar-Powered Batmobile Up For Auction


Better than you'd expect for a replica built in some guy's garage.

Considering how many horrible atrocities are committed by people undertaking car modifications, the words "homemade Batmobile" don't always inspire confidence. But this example from the UK is an impressive exception to the rule. It is powered by a modern 3.2-liter Jaguar straight six, which sends power through an automatic transmission to the rear wheels. It is said that it can hit 60 in less than 5 seconds, but visibility remains poor, unless of course, you add some Batman-like hi-tech computer gadgetry.

This car may not be self driving, have scaled armor at the press of a button nor a detractable cable that wraps around poles, but it does have a built in flame thrower. It goes up for auction at Mercedes-Benz World in Brooklands on November 30th, and is expected to go for about £90,000.

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