LEAKED: Did Vin Diesel Just Reveal The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon?

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This could be our first look at the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon three months before its official reveal.

Dodge is taking its sweet time revealing the Challenger SRT Demon, an even more hardcore version of the brutish Hellcat. In what is a typical marketing campaign strategy, Dodge will be drip-feeding us new information every week in the run up to the Demon's full reveal at the New York Auto Show on April 14. However, a new promotional video for The Fate of the Furious has possibly leaked the Demon a lot sooner than Dodge intended us to see it.

In the video, we see lead actor Vin Diesel thanking his "family" crew for their efforts during the production of the eighth Fast and Furious movie due this April. Lurking in the background is a row of Dodge Challenger SRTs – but they don't look like ordinary Challenger SRTs. Look at the front fender, and you can spot what appears to be a Demon badge.

Fender flares and the wider rubber suggest that the Demon will be a wide body Challenger, while the new five-spoke wheels could be part of Dodge's weight reduction regime for the Demon. Then there's the bulging front scoop, which can only mean one thing: extreme power. It's a different scoop to the Hellcat, and looks similar to the shape seen in the last teaser video, suggesting that the Demon will have a higher power output than the bonkers 707 horsepower you get in the Hellcat. So far, we know that the Demon will be the "new ultimate performance halo" of the Challenger range. The Demon will be 200 pounds lighter than the Hellcat, with modifications to the steering, suspension, wheels, doors, seats, roof and other components.

The last teaser also suggests that we will be getting a traditional rear-wheel drive monster muscle car. Vin Diesel may have ruined Dodge's three-month long marketing campaign, but at least there's still plenty we don't know about the Demon to keep us intrigued. If anything, seeing how the final car may look has only increased our anticipation.

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