Steve McQueen's Lincoln Continental Limousine Lets You Travel In Style


Your chance to own the only limo worthy for The King Of Cool.

As well as a Hollywood actor best known for his roles in Bullitt, Le Mans and The Great Escape, Steve McQueen, aka 'The King of Cool', was known to be a passionate gearhead who dabbled in motor racing. Among the cars in his coveted collection included a Ferrari 275 GTB/4, Jaguar XKSS, and Porsche 911S. One of his lesser-known cars was a 1965 Lincoln Continental Limousine for occasions when the celebrity wanted to be chauffeured around, harking back to when sedans were commonly converted into limousines for executives.

The conversion job was carried out by Lehmann-Peterson, who took a standard drop-top Lincoln Continental and stretched it with a fixed roof. Ford was so impressed with the quality of the conversion that it extended the warranty of every one of the 567 executive limousines that were reportedly built by the independent coachbuilder. Unsurprisingly, it became the limo of choice for government officials including President Lyndon Johnson, Senator Robert Kennedy, Governor Nelson Rockefeller, and Soviet Foreign Minister Andrey A. Gromyko. Musicians such as Elvis Presley and The Rolling Stones were also seen riding in them.

Heading to the RM Sotheby Santa Monica auction in June is the 1965 Lincoln Continental Limousine originally owned by Steve McQueen, which befits The King of Cool. Powered by a 430 cubic-inch V8 engine with automatic transmission, the limo is laden with luxuries, with rear seating for five, air conditioning and a window divider. Best of all, it features a fully functional bar that mechanically opens with the push of a button and comes complete with the original crystal drinking set. It's been very well cared for since McQueen's ownership, and is estimated to sell for $100,000 - $150,000. That may sound like a lot for a Lincoln, but you'd be hard pressed to find one as swish as this.

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