The First-Ever Street Legal McLaren Is For Sale: Don't Even Ask What It Costs

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If you have to ask, you can't afford it.

The McLaren F1 is the first official road-car built by the Woking, UK-based supercar builder, but there's something else out there that hit the streets first, albeit unofficially. It is this, a 1969 McLaren M12 Coupe. And now it's up for sale. The price? It must be so expensive that it's not even listed. Serious buyers won't even ask. For those who don't know, M12 Can Ams were purpose-built racers with an engine bay designed specifically to house a Chevrolet Big Block V8.

However, many buyers ended up swapping in different engines, so today there are actually very few of these cars with that original V8. But M12 number 60-14 isn't one of them; it still has that big Chevy V8 resting behind the driver. M12s were originally Spyders, but this one was converted into a coupe sometime in the late 1970s. It's had a series of owners, all of whom raced it. In fact, it stayed at Carroll Shelby's shop for one year as a rolling chassis. One previous owner stated that it "is the scariest son of a bitch (he'd) ever driven!" And then there was the Swiss owner in the 1990s who, for reasons of absolute brilliance and utter insanity, had it made "street legal" in France. Its latest owner, who's now selling it, has had it since 2011.

McLaren M12 Coupe #60-14 today remains the only one of its kind fitted with that Big Block and it's been shown at many concours events. It was even on loan for several months as a display car at the McLaren factory. Photos courtesy of

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