This Homage To Alfa Romeo's Racing Heritage Is Absolutely Gorgeous

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A fitting tribute to Alfa's sports car successes, don't you think?

Alfa Romeo might not be the most widely known car maker in the world (especially in the States, where it only sells the Coupe and Spider variants of its fun-but-flawed 4C), but it was quite a headline-grabbing marque back in the day, thanks to its dominant grand prix racers, brisk sports car prototypes, pocket rocket rally stage conquerors and dinky little roadsters and performance sedans. And, out of all of these eras, it was perhaps the two decades of the 1950s and 1960s where Alfa Romeo's beacon of brilliance truly shone at its brightest.

It seems Sebastiano Ciarcia shares that sentiment, as his design project is a tribute to Alfa Romeo's motorsport successes in the post-war years. Not only is his stunning creation bristling with details pinched from some of Alfa Romeo's greatest performance and racing car models (the tapering rear bodywork, for instance, is a subtle nod to the iconic, Touring-styled Disco Volante), but its name - 'Trionfo' - is a direct reference to the many successes on race tracks across the world that resulted in many shiny trophies making their way into Alfa Romeo's presumably gargantuan silverware cabinet.

Despite the focus on the past, though, Ciarcia's Trionfo is actually quite a forward-thinking piece of design. The power, for example, comes from four electric motors - which, in turn, get their grunt from a gas turbine setup. Likewise, the aerodynamic components are far more advanced than any of the downforce-generating trim pieces that adorned Alfa Romeo racing models of old, and - as with almost every modern day prototype racing car - the driver is less sitting and more laying down in the incredibly low-slung cockpit. At least the snug and nicely trimmed bucket seat looks like it's relatively comfortable.

All in all, it's a pretty epic piece of conceptual car design. So, whilst we may not ever get a proper, full-on Alfa Romeo racing car for a good while, at least we get to imagine this badass piece of kit hurtling around the world's greatest race tracks.

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