This Is How Toyota Is Making The Affordable Sports Car Even More Affordable

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And it's not a rebadged Miata.

First came the Scion FR-S/Toyota GT86. Then the hopeful reborn Supra preview FT-1 Concept. And now Toyota has revealed the S-FR Concept just ahead of its live premiere at the Tokyo Motor Show. And, low and behold, it looks like a smaller, rounder version of the FR-S. That's exactly the point – a lightweight small sports car that's front-engined and rear-wheel-drive. Like the FR-S, it has 2+2 seating and a six-speed manual transmission.

No word yet on what's under the hood or output, but we figure around 130-150 hp sounds about right. Just as important, however, is the fact that the S-FR has optimal weight distribution and an independent suspension. Basically, Toyota has created a beyond basic sports coupe that, if it heads to production, will be targeted towards buyers who plan to further customize the car. Then again, that's exactly what Toyota said regarding the FR-S which never became a smashing sales success. So it's interesting that Toyota is trying again, though with something smaller and lighter. The exterior's rounded styling may not appeal to everyone, but we happen to really dig the interior layout.

It's simple and straightforward. If the S-FR Concept does receive the production greenlight, don't expect for it to arrive until 2018 at the earliest. But we'd like to know your thoughts on this. Should Toyota even bother with a sports coupe slotted below the FR-S even though the latter isn't selling like hot cakes? Would it be better for Toyota to shift focus entirely on a proper Supra successor?


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