This Stunning Mercedes-Benz Concept Car Doesn't Have Any Need For Windows

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It's a concept so don't freak out, NHTSA.

Matthias Bottcher is a German designer with big ideas for how a future Mercedes-Benz grand tourer could look. His SL Pure concept was inspired by the classic 300SL, albeit modernized some. Okay, "some" is a bit of a stretch as the SL Pure is incredibly futuristic, starting and ending with its exterior. The wheels look like jet turbines, there aren't any windows and the lights are unlike anything we've seen before. No engine details were given but a fair guess would be a hybrid setup or some magical eco-contraption.

Of course this is just one designer's idea of what a future Mercedes grand tourer would look like. It's of course too radical to be roadworthy, but do you see anything here that could potentially make it onto (near) future models? We don't hate those doors and the fender-mounted headlights do look cool although they're probably dangerous as hell.

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