Watch the NYPD Stop Traffic to Pull Over a Bicycle


New York's finest gets their priorities straight by stopping a red light-runner.

The New York City Police Department hates bicyclists. In 2011 alone, New York's finest issued almost 50K bicycle tickets (48,556 tickets, to be exact) as bike riders are expected to follow and obey all the traffic laws required of motor vehicles and then some, apparently. The unmarked police car seen here in the video shows a member of law enforcement hitting his horn and stopping traffic at an intersection in order to chase down and apprehend a bicyclist who (allegedly) ran a red light.

The event, which took place on the corner of 6th Avenue and West Houston Street, culminated in a $270 fine for the offender. On a side note, let's hope the new 2014 Chevy Impala sounds better than the pathetic outgoing model driven here. Even the Infiniti crossover at the light sounds better.

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