Watching This Ford GT40 On The Track Will Make You Long For The Old Days Of Racing


"Next year, Ferrari's ass is mine." - Carroll Shelby

It was Ford's third attempt with its GT40 that finally brought Le Mans glory. 1966 was the year in which Ford's Le Mans racing team, under the command of none other than Carroll Shelby, ultimately defeated Ferrari after two previous years of trying. It was an effort on an epic scale that Henry Ford II demanded to see happen. Aside from Shelby and his team of drivers that included Bruce McLaren and Ken Miles, the other hero of the day was the winning car itself, the GT40.

And now that there's an all-new Ford GT, there's once again attention on the original., a company that actually focuses on web sales, has just created this epic video of an original, 1968 gulf-liveried GT40 blasting down the track at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah.

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