World's Smallest Car Peel P50 Back in Production

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As the world obsesses over small cars, the world's smallest has been put back in production after a 50-year hiatus.

Only 50 original P50s were ever made. Produced between 1962-65, the three-wheeled microcar was manufactured in Peel, Isle of Man, UK, and at just 54 inches long and 41 inches wide has held the title of world's smallest production car ever since. Now, 50 years after production ceased, Peel enthusiast Gary Hillman and business partners have resurrected the Peel name, and production of new eco-friendly road legal P50s and Tridents has begun.

With the world becoming increasingly obsessed with small cars such as the Smart ForTwo or Scion iQ, the timing of bringing these cars back to life couldn't be better. The manufacturer is currently accepting orders with prices starting at £6,995, and only nine of the 50 limited edition models remain available. Both models have launched with 49cc two-stroke gasoline engines rated at 3.35hp, with the P50 capable of a 45mph top speed and 157mpg, and the Trident managing 43mph and 210mpg. Two electric motors are also being offered for the P50 and Trident with slightly different performance capabilities.

A 4.08hp 'Eco' variant can reach 50mph and delivers a 50-mile operating range in both models; while the 'Fun' version boasts a staggering 1.36hp in the P50 and 1.6hp in the Trident, managing 12mph and 30 miles per charge, and 15mph and 50 miles per charge respectively. Gas and Eco versions are limited to 28mph and the Fun version to 4-8mph. The single-seater P50 saloon weighs in at 59kg and the 72-inch long two-seater Trident tips the scales at 99kg. So those little contraptions should just be able to keep up with a bicycle. Photos courtesy of DON EMMERT - AFP/Getty Images.

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